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Abstraction at the Moment

There’s an exciting wave of young artists (several of whom are Brazilian) who are leading in the realm of digitally created abstract art.

Abstract art is particularly contentious as it has the tendency to elicit the ‘I could do that’ response from the uninformed viewer. Shapes and colors may seem simple and elementary at first, however when done successfully, the use of geometry, technique and concept can be profound.

Furthermore, traditional abstract art is inherently tactile and physical in its execution. This is especially the case for the Abstract Expressionist movement, but also applies to artists like Kandinsky and Mondrian. Therefore creating expressive, organic, dynamic and quality work using digital tools could in many ways be seen as more difficult than using traditional physical mediums like paint on canvas.

Nonetheless collectors like P_Azuro, BΞN and BC_Mccluskey have been collecting pieces from up and coming abstract artists out of an appreciation for the art, support of their craft, and presumably in hopes of discovering the next star early in their NFT career.

The space is full of promising artists and several already established ones, so it is difficult for us to choose only a handful to highlight.

That being said, the following 7 artists are abstract artists minting on Ethereum who’ve caught our attention and thrust themselves in the spotlight as of late.

21 year old Brazilian artist Etiene Crauss creates some of the most exciting abstract work in the space. Their skilful illustrative human forms are Francis Bacon-esque, and often use bright and strong colors. Although more figurative than some of the other artists in the list, abstraction plays a huge part in the strength of Crauss’ work.

My Mind, Beautiful Chaos by Etiene Crauss

Lisanne Haack comes from a traditional painting background, but has since incorporated a wide range of digital tools to her work. From paint programs to 3D software, her dynamic use of digital techniques allows her to create in a diverse and unique way. Sometimes her digital artworks are accompanied by a physical painting when they are collected. Other times, the work exists purely as a digital artwork. Her approach to creation feels free and experimental, and this ethos appears infused into the artwork itself.

Jack Kaido is one of the more established artists in this list, with a large archive of work that spans multiple marketplaces. His conceptual understanding of abstraction and the crypto art space is exemplified in an essay he wrote on the topic. Kaido’s work, particularly the errors series, utilizes shapes and forms associated with the digital world, from pixelated brush strokes to colors that look like a broken digital sensor. Kaido’s work is strong and sophisticated and his reflected in the variety of his series’.

No stranger to this blog, omentejovem creates explosive and energised abstract illustrations that are somewhat tribal in their aesthetic. His consistent use of orange, yellow, red and black colors results in a distinct style that is very recognisable.

Tokyo based A-Mashiro creates 1/1 work that combines the use of rigid geometry with the looseness of paint drops. This fusion of complete control and organic embellishment makes for interesting work that is pleasing to the eye. Some of the textures used by the artist in their work evokes a sense of traditional Japanese Origami, in both the use of folk patterns and the way that the lines are ‘folded’ in a complex yet intentional way.

Crow’s work is striking in that it has an uncanny feel to how it’s created. Crow states that they create "color fields using nonconventional materials including lights, scanners, mirrors and printers". By doing so, there is a sense of an analogue process evident in the faded layers of different opacities and aged tones blended within the work. The resulting pieces are not only beautiful but feel very authentic and intentional, and in some cases reminiscent of Mark Rothko.

Based in the Himalayas, Khwampa creates unique abstract drawings combining several techniques and mediums. The artist states that being introduced to engineering drawings through their education was what sparked their initial creative urge, an influence that is very present in this unique work. However, their artwork goes much deeper than the purely descriptive. In fact it feels as if the artwork is an imaginative interpretation of the human mind in a raw and vibrant way.


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