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GOATs of Glitch

Glitch art has established itself as a prominent force in the world of NFTs and the digital art space in general.

With its roots tracing back to the early days of digital art, it has since evolved into one of the most sought after, emulated and widely recognized styles. Its popularity and recognition are a testament to its impact and relevance. Furthermore, as a digitally native process, glitch art looks great on screens and digital displays.

Artists working in the genre of glitch employ a range of technical skills and conceptual frameworks to create art that’s both aesthetically striking and thought-provoking.

Simply put, glitch art engages with the aesthetics of technological error and disruption. It involves manipulating and corrupting digital media such as images, videos, and sounds, to create intentionally flawed and unexpected outcomes. At times chaotic, the artwork created by the top glitch artists is energized, electrified and captivating.

Digging deeper, glitch art can be seen as a response to the increasing role of technology in our daily lives. It challenges traditional understandings of beauty and perfection in the digital realm, and exposes the fragility of our technological systems through its embracing of the unexpected and flawed. Stylistically, glitch can evoke a sense of futurism, cyberpunk, or even retro tech aesthetics.

Albeit sometimes rudimentary in style, glitch is a sophisticated form of art. It evokes a chaotic, anarchistic and creatively free feeling especially when created by the best of the best. There are a lot of great glitch artists out there, and the following are some who we consider to be the GOATs of glitch active in the space today.

JAKE - jakethedegen


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