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Interview with Karisma

Italian artist, Karisma, is renowned for his mixed media creations that he describes as raw, energetic, and pure.

Much of his work begins as physical pieces using a variety of paint brushes and tools, before being adapted to the digital realm.

Perhaps best known for his stunning portraiture, Karisma takes a free and impulsive approach to depicting his subjects.

Karisma starts his portraits with the eyes, as they mirror his emotions at the time. The process of painting the eyes directs his creative journey, determining the mood and direction of the piece.

This sets the stage for the completion of the portrait, which is informed by the emotion and mood established in the eyes.

When asked what first brought him to begin painting, Karisma responds that “no one was really listening to me. They didn't want to hear”. So, he had to find a way to “properly recycle his pain” and therefore painting became his outlet.

Music and cinema are driving forms of inspiration for his work, though he says that every form of art has an impact on his art.

He imagines music playing when he views his own artwork, something that as a viewer of his pieces, one can easily imagine.

When viewing films, he pays closest attention to the directors, especially Darren Aronofsky. In literature, Arthur Schopenhauer has helped Karisma conjure up ideas that have led to create some of his “most successful works”.

One of his most striking and personal favourite works is “Kimono”, where colour, technique and geometry effortlessly come together to form a beautiful abstract and subtle portrait.

The supportive and communicative nature of the Web3 space motivates Karisma every day. Receiving complements and outreach from an audience that connects with his artwork is touching and meaningful.

“I'm distracted and messed up” says Karisma about his work flow, “I always forget to clean my brushes after I use them, so they are pretty much all ruined”. This eccentric self reflection doesn’t deter him from creating new work however, as he “decided to work with them anyway”. His current creations have led to some self proclaimed “great results in the formation of a new series”, he humbly states.

With an existing collector base that includes some of the most respected, known for their keen eye for emerging talent, we are excited to see where Karisma takes his unique work within the Web3 space and beyond.


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