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Interview with Moteh

Moteh (born Morten Lasskogen) is an artist based in Denmark with a background originally in photography who uses the visual skills of his past to create phenomenal 3D art.

Moteh has become one of the most talented and well known artists in the field. His emotional and etherial artworks are created in a way that is calming, peaceful, cinematic and refined.

Before Web 3, Moteh was already prolifically sharing his work online, mostly through Instagram.

Since minting his work on SuperRare and being a part of the digital art community, he’s found that making connections through art to be the “most magical thing”, especially the friendships with other artists and collectors in the space.

As it has been for so many talented artists, Moteh states that his journey thought Web3 has been life changing. Moteh says with conviction that this is a revolution of digital art, and he delves deep into creating and connecting with the space whilst showing gratitude and appreciation for this moment in time.

When asked what motivates him, Moteh says that the single most important thing for him in his art is that he can feel it himself. “It’s all dreams and stories from my life told through light and colors” he says, “If I can’t feel it in my chest, I don’t set it free”.

His thoughtful artwork involves a lot of imagination, skill and creativity. Most pieces start out as an experiment and some may never evolve beyond that. However, sometimes his experiments arrive at a point where he gains clarity and has a vision that can be formulated into a finalized piece. Moteh describes it as “the pieces falling into place” when he sees a glimpse of what the complete artwork could potentially become.

There is no simple answer to the question of how he gets inspiration for his work. Initially he attributed his creative ideas to the influence of music, but in recent years realized that a lot of inspiration actually comes from within himself.

His art is rooted in personal feelings and experiences that he’s lived through. Nonetheless, music extracts these feelings and acts as a portal to access his inner emotions. This also means he sometimes creates something that he doesn’t necessarily understand at first, resulting in an introspective moment of searching for the innate meaning of the artwork, which ultimately came from within him.

At first this self-reflective experience was very confusing to him, but he soon began to realize that it was an important part of his creative process.

The future entails a lot more creative output for Moteh as an artist. He just finished a large production for a music festival called Zamna where he made two animated visuals that will be used along with the live concert music. One of them was created together with noCreative (Kristian Levin).

While having this conversation with Moteh, he was traveling to Art Basel in Miami to see his work being exhibited there.

With the experience and thoughtful approach that Moteh brings to his beautiful and skillful artwork, we are excited to see how his journey in digital art continues to grow. You can see his work on SuperRare here and follow his Twitter for updates on new projects and releases.


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