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Interview with Sergeposters

Sergeposters (real name Jakub) is a 23 year old self-taught Polish digital artist. His colourful artwork is otherworldly and vibrant, and his distinct style is both contemporary and retro futurist.

Having minted NFTs on several platforms over the past years, Jakub’s SuperRare genesis was released in March 2022 and was acquired for an impressive 2.4 ETH after a brief bidding war. Several significant collectors and artists have expressed their support for Jakub’s work, from the legendary collector OMZ to celebrated artist Grant Yun.

What makes the work of Jakub so attractive is his skillful use of dreamy color gradients to create modernist infused sci-fi interiors that make you want to visit these imaginary spaces yourself, or hang the image on your wall.

We had the opportunity to catch up with Jakub to get a bit more insight into his creative history and hear about his experiences so far in digital art.

Crimson View by Sergeposters

When asked about the evolution of his style, Jakub states “my style has evolved from poster art to illustration. Back in 2017 I started my own version of ‘daily design challenge’ like Beeple, but focused on poster design. I created over 1000 posters in 3 years before I joined the crypto space”.

Every day he created something different, and after several years he “learned that gradients were (his) thing”.

Jakub credits several web3 artists as inspiration who helped shape his style and direction with art. Initially, the workflow of Beeple, mbsjq and Baugasm helped him develop his own color palette and also inspired the idea of consistently creating new work on a daily basis.

The influences on his artwork have changed as his own style and subject matter has developed over time. Jakub states that “now since I do more environment-based pieces, my new influences are Peter Tarka and Six N. Five”.

Relaxing View by Sergeposters

"I created over 1000 posters in 3 years before I joined the crypto space".

Acid View by Sergeposters

When asked about the highlight moment in his NFT journey so far, Jakub mentions the DreameArtwork project as particularly significant.

Artwork was shown in several of the world’s famous intersections such as Shibuya in Tokyo, and Times Square NYC. “Most importantly” he states, the work was “shown in the International Space Station: My art was literally in space!”.

This remarkable achievement was complimented by two solo drops on Nifty Gateway, and eventually being onboarded to the 1/1 curated marketplace SuperRare. Another perk of being in these communities according to Jakub was “the opportunity to meet all of my favourite artists that I've been following for years”.

So what’s next? “Honestly, I don’t know!” Jakub responds.

“I will be exploring my Stellar View Universe project, will try to get my own curated drop on Nifty Gateway, and I hope to finally produce a collaboration series”.

View of Horizon by Sergeposters

What is for certain however, is that “I am here to stay for the long term, no matter how the crypto market will look like in next months/years!”.

Twitter: @sergeposters


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