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Interview with Amber Vittoria

Amber Vittoria is a NYC based artist (soon to be located in Los Angeles) who is known for her vibrant and geometric artwork that utilizes a range of techniques from ink, color pencil, acrylic paint and more recently digital tools.

The subjects that she explores delve into the themes of emotion, identity and femininity. Her work can be found across multiple platforms IRL and online, including Web3 marketplaces including 1/1s on SuperRare.

Having created a successful art and commercial career prior to entering the Web3 space, Vittoria has fine-tuned her aesthetic and conceptual approach to creating over many years.

She stated in an interview with Booooom that she "worked full-time as a designer and art director for 5-6 years while freelancing as an illustrator on nights and weekends, saved as much as I could, and built my freelance work up to a point where I could no longer do both without cutting into my time for sleep".

This hard work and determination to her craft has led Vittoria to master the use of shape and color to a degree that her style is easily recognizable. The distinctness to her craft is amplified by the fact that she is also a poet; a skillset that is reflected in the lyrical titles of her artwork.

When asked about her favorite part of the creation process, Vittoria states that she “loves when my painting is halfway completed because it begins to help me inform how the rest of the piece will unfold”.

As far as how she would like to be remembered in the canon of art history, the significance of being a female artist is as important as this theme is in her artwork. She states that she wants to be known as “an artist and poet who was viewed, respected, shared, and collected in equal and equitable regards to her male counterparts”. In the Web3 space, dominated by men, this strong sense of womanhood makes Vittoria’s mission not only unique but crucially important.

She is already making big strides in this arena, having recently sold the painting 'Understanding Our Dreams' to MoonPay for 30ETH. Vittoria states that “the disparity of how much work is collected for amongst genders is something I'm working towards changing”.

“an artist and poet who was viewed, respected, shared, and collected in equal and equitable regards to her male counterparts”.

She has already accomplished one of her main goals, which was to write a book. Now she is focused on the next goal, which is to “write a second book!”.

In order for her to make this a reality, supporting her first release titled 'These Are My Big Girl Pants’ by preordering or sharing it, is critically important.

The book combines her artwork and writing in a way that the publisher describes is “a celebration of femininity and the female body…(leveraging) naïve artistic approaches, like simple line and brush strokes, against deep and meaningful poetry and prose, creating a true exploration of individuality, female empowerment, and emotion”.

The diversity of technique, depth of meaningful concept, a strong aesthetic and conviction to her craft is what drew us to feature Vittoria. Please have a look at the wide range of projects that she has released and definitely consider pre-ordering her book 'These Are My Big Girl Pants’.


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